Post-Campaign Ad
Effectiveness Measurement

Leadtact manages the process of logging the specific audiences who have been visiting your or other competitors direct marketer’s mobile ads and assessing which audiences proceed to convert offline (e.g. apply for or open an account related to the actual mobile ad).

Leadtact uses a remarketing advertising campaign to track clients who have previously clicked on your landing page, but also by logging users who have been visiting your other competitors webpages.

Business Objective

Leadtact understands that the Client seeking to target digital advertisements at optimal consumer audiences that result in incremental consumer accounts. The effectiveness of the ad campaign is measured by matching actual offline and online conversions with the consumers who were exposed to the digital advertising campaign. This approach allows the Client to have a true understanding of how the digital advertising campaigns correlate with the overall marketing campaign expenditure.

Pilot Strategy

We will build highly targeted audiences for digital only campaigns based on our clients specific objectives/offer being promoted. Leadtact digital ad targeting and measurement solution enables the Client to target optimized consumer prospect audiences through Facebook and Google AdWords.

Leadtact works with digital advertising technology partners to execute targeted advertising campaigns, including post campaign measurement, in providing a full digital ROI solution.

Our Process


  • Onboarding session
  • Competitor research
  • Review current campaigns

Ad Account Setup

  • New campaign creation
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword matching & bidding
  • Negative keyword selection
  • Ad copy for all device types
  • Remarketing implementation

Ad Account Post Launch

  • Split ad testing
  • Bid & budget management
  • Keyword refinement
  • Building of negative keyword list
  • Search term analysis & refinement
  • Conversion / goal analysis
  • Continuous refinement


  • Analytics integration
  • Conversion / goal tracking
  • Keyword level tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Tie all above together

Social Media Marketing

  • Setup and Optimization of Social Channels
  • Promoted Posts to target audience: 1 per week
  • Engagement optimization

Weekly Reports

  • Engagement activity report
  • Optimization updates
  • Ongoing support
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